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Wehkamp: Customer-Driven Evolution in eCommerce

As the largest e-retailer in the Netherlands, Wehkamp was driven to embrace quick delivery and easy returns as a competitive advantage. To do so, they invested in the world’s largest automated e-commerce distribution center in the world while strengthening their IT infrastructure with a new WMS and ERP, as well as MPO’s Supply Chain Orchestration solution.

Having multiple brands, an expanding product catalog and a wide variety of products including appliances, small electronics, furniture, and clothing, Wehkamp’s technology wasn't providing the flexibility needed for its fulfillment processes. Small items require high volume pick/pack/ship processes, products like furniture require consolidation, inspection, and more advanced pallet builds and “endless aisle” of products made suppliers’ direct shipping critical to delivering on-time. However, Wehkamp had limited to no visibility into inventory across its supplier and partner network. Customers also expected same day delivery on most of its products, alongside white glove services, such as installation. With multiple order and service options, and tighter delivery windows, Wehkamp needed to cut lead times across the supply chain not just transportation.

Learn more about how MPO's platform provided full end-to-end visibility and enabled real-time execution for all internal, external, and return order flows across Wehkamp's supply chain network and existing systems.

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