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Optimize Inventory by Empowering Your Suppliers

Your vendors are playing an increasingly important role in your supply chain. The adoption of vendor managed inventory can create huge cost savings. However, the growth of product masters, expansion of e-commerce channels, and growth of global markets all bring additional complexity to the scenario too. Furthermore, many suppliers leverage outsourced logistics providers in certain regions or channels, increasing the number of parties involved.

With MPO, you get a platform that supports vendor managed inventory across global locations, facilitating e-commerce, replenishment, and inbound transportation. MPO delivers the most flexible and agile vendor managed inventory platform. Coupled with fine-grained costing, it provides global supply chains with unmatched solutions.



  • Reduce inventory across the supply chain with better visibility into inventory across customer and third-party locations

  • Cut clerical efforts with automated alerts and replenishment orders

  • Increase agility with collaboration across suppliers and outsourced partners

  • Reduce capital costs by only paying for inventory that is consumed


  • Supplier portals provide inventory visibility across customer and third-party locations

  • Flexible business rules allow for both customer-owned and consigned inventory models

  • Automated min-max thresholds and replenishment orders streamline workflow

  • Advanced shipment notifications and configurable milestones provide additional visibility into in-transit inventory

MPO synchronizes inventory across the widest variety of industries, including international, multi-leg, multi-level, and multi-party, delivering profitable and exceptional customer service.

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A New Approach: Supply Chain Orchestration

Supply Chain Management will become more and more a new frontier for demand generation. Companies, who are able to manage these tremendous shifts in movement effectively, will have a big competitive advantage in contemporary business environments.



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