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10 FAQs on Transportation Management System (TMS)

Transportation management sits at the heart of effective supply chain operations. Yet transportation management systems vary widely. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to every organization's needs, as regional businesses with fixed supply chain networks will typically have different criteria than global operations with dynamic partnerships and multiple distribution channels.

As you assess the breadth and depth of your business needs - from  modes to sustainability concerns to rate and parcel management - this FAQ will help answer some of the most common questions about the solution and choosing the best Transportation Management System for your specific challenges and goals:

  • What are the key functions of a transportation management system (TMS)?
  • Can't I just use my ERP for my transportation needs?
  • How will a TMS reduce costs and help me grow my revenue?
  • Can a  transportation management system help me reach my sustainability goals?
  • How can a TMS help me better manage expedites?
  • Does a transportation management system support parcel and last mile delivery?
  • What are the benefits of combining order and transportation management?
  • We struggle to get competitive market rates – how can a TMS help?
  • Do TMS capabilities go beyond mere track and trace?

Just a few details

Use this FAQ to explore the most common questions we hear about transportation management systems (TMS) to make the best, most informed decision for your business needs and goals.