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Transportation Management System

A digital-first business strategy is your best defense against risk and uncertainty. Supply chain stakeholders turn to MPO’s flexible and agile transportation management system to improve operational efficiencies and visibility, and optimize service levels and costs. The MPO TMS helps streamline domestic and international multi-modal supply chains with smart automation to optimize all inbound, interplant, outbound, omni-channel, and reverse order flows – from planning to execution.

As a multi-party, multi-mode, multi-region business network technology that provides embedded intelligence and deep learning capabilities, the MPO TMS platform positions stakeholders to adeptly handle supply chain complexity, growing customer demands, and an uncertain and disruptive environment. The transportation management solution is also ideal for organizations whose logistical and supply chain operations have become more layered and complex, relying on a growing network of business partners, customers, and logistics service providers. Standalone transportation management systems are too limited to encapsulate the tiered complexity of an international, multi-segment supply chain, but a TMS platform that can integrate and converge transportation with other supply chain functions, such as inventory and order management, set the new industry standard.

This guide covers:

  • Multi-Service Transport Management
  • The system's rich and flexible capabilities
  • Top customer business growth initiatives & value drivers
  • A brief case story
  • How to make the case internally

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