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Multi-leg, multi-modal, global network solution that enhances performance and cost-efficiency

Optimizing your transportation channels can be a logistical nightmare. Businesses must orchestrate orders between multiple manufacturing sites, distribution centers, and sales channels to effectively monitor the process, as well as manage carrier costs and performance across inbound, outbound, and reverse order flows.

The MPO transportation management system streamlines and optimizes this complex process across multiple carriers, from order planning and execution monitoring to financial control and performance measurement. MPO seamlessly connects to a vast carrier network, providing visibility and collaboration across all transport modes (ocean, air, truck, rail, and parcel) - all on one platform.



  • Improve operational performance by optimizing each order flow across your carriers and outsourced partners

  • Create best-in-class customer service with on-time deliveries

  • Improve multi-leg, multi-region, and multi-modal transport performance (ocean, air, TL, LTL, barge, small parcel)

  • Gain better control and visibility over your outsourced processes

  • Minimize cost inefficiencies with best-in-class cost-to-serve determination

  • Accelerate the ROI of your platform investment with access to real-time visibility across all modes and geographies via the world's largest network of carriers, freight forwarders, and logistics services providers






  • Order-centric approach to TMS, enabling many-to-many mapping between customer orders to order releases to shipments. The system consumes orders of any type (purchase order, sales order, spare parts order, return order), decomposes them into shipments, and optimizes execution through dedicated micro supply chains

  • Optimized transport planning, including order splitting, routing, mode and carrier selection, and consolidation.

  • Onboard new businesses quickly. The platform’s unique approach to interfaces allows it to receive orders in any form directly from the ERP and other systems, reducing integration efforts and ensuring easy maintenance thereafter.

  • Individual service actions-based approach to handle each mode or leg of transport separately, while also connecting the entire shipment together for insight into how any given event impacts other aspects of the process.

  • Flexibility to accommodate complex transport flows: Configure everything from milk runs and pool-points to rush orders and pre-booking using the system’s robust business rules. Easily modify and add new ones to accommodate your evolving business needs.

  • Robust rate and service agreements structure for accurate cost allocation. The feature extends beyond transportation to encompass all logistics costs, including handling, detention, warehousing, and customs duties.

MP Objects helps some of the world’s largest shippers and logistics service providers embrace the increasing complexity of their global supply chains and achieve real, sustainable results that drive business-critical performance, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce inventory and transportation costs.



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Order-Centric TMS: Managing the Rising Pressures of the Modern Supply Chain

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