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The Value of Orchestration With MPO

During this unprecedented time of disruption, the need for digital transformation to improve operational resilience and agility within global supply chains has never been more vital. In this research document, Nucleus analyst Isaac Gould describes how MPO helps its customers adapt and minimize risk through a unifying Supply Chain Orchestration platform.

"As organizations look to improve operational resilience and agility within their global supply chains, they must optimize the inefficiencies caused by legacy software solutions and “good enough” business processes. MPO helps its users break down data silos, minimize risks, address unpredictable external disruptions, and execute customer service requirements by providing a unified platform for customers to coordinate their supply chain management activities. Nucleus has observed that companies using MPO can increase delivery speed by ten percent and reduce overall supply chain costs by five percent."

Supply chain management software must prioritize functionalities that improve supply chain flexibility and agility, so logistics teams can mitigate the financial and performance impacts of supply chain exceptions. It's important for a platform to enable not only swift reaction within the application, but also predict and prepare for potential events. In addition to early detection functions, Nucleus also discusses how leading solution providers aim to provide their customers with a greater arsenal of tools, such as inter-company collaboration and supply, demand, and transportation automation capabilities, to address areas of concern. "MPO is one such software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that can support all segments of its customers’ value chain, from supply and order management to last-mile delivery."

This paper offers:

  • Overview - Current challenges faced by businesses and how orchestration effectively addresses them.
  • Key Benefits - Differentiators that set the MPO Platform apart.
  • Customer Profiles – MPO customers describe why they chose MPO over competitors and share benefits experienced.

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