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Guide to Customer Chain Control

Order fulfillment can involve complex, multi-form processes; but, at the end of the day, customers just want a consistent and satisfying experience.

A supply chain is a network of enterprises that businesses rely on to source and fulfill orders. Yet no one supply chain (or definitive set of partnerships) is ideal for all customer requirements, constraints, and circumstances. That’s why MPO’s unique Multi-Level Order Management provides granular visibility, analytics, and control into each stage of supply chain planning and execution, so businesses can dynamically model their networks based on all the given needs and constraints (i.e. regarding service levels, inventory, transportation, and costs), creating an optimized “micro supply chain” for every order.

No matter what sales channel the order comes from – and no matter what type of order it is (sales, purchase, return, transfer etc.) – businesses will always source from the best possible location and choose the best possible routes to take via the best possible carriers to fulfill that order. Moreover, it’s a real-time, continuous process. If conditions or requirements change, the platform immediately adapts and re-optimizes the flow.

In this way, businesses gain unprecedented levels of control over every customer supply chain - or Customer Chain Control. Essentially, that means every order can be continuously optimized (even to meet sustainability goals) to ensure consistent on time and in full (OTIF) delivery at the lowest possible costs.

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Micro-Supply-Chain - Infographics


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