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Digitization has changed everything and it’s helping to usher in an era of increased customer expectations. From new levels of transparency to shorter lead times and greater order diversity, today’s supply chains have grown into a complex web of moving parts that includes systems, partners, suppliers, and internal capacities.

Many supply chain leaders look to Control Towers to help embrace this complexity, but what criteria should they be using to evaluate them and this approach?

In this on-demand webinar, Chris Brablc and Brian Hodgson of MP Objects discuss why Control Towers are now more necessary than ever before in the supply chain as well as the innovation in Control Tower that is driving value across the end-to-end supply chain.


Register and you'll also learn:

  • The essential relationship between Control Tower and granular supply chain visibility
  • The four types of Control Towers you'll see on the market and their advantages and disadvantages
  • How the explosion of supply chain data can be used for better real-time decision-making
  • Why Control Tower shouldn't just be focused on your internal processes

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