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Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks


The Age of the Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Business Network

The global supply chain is full of uncertainty – political, environmental, and otherwise. Companies rely on their multi-enterprise supply chain business networks to stay flexible; when unexpected events occur, it’s important to have options. At the same time, those partnerships are only as effective as the technology in place to leverage them.

Supply Chain Orchestration Platforms help industry leaders dynamically and intelligently partner with their network to stay resilient, adaptive, and better mitigate risk and minimize disruption. As a holistic solution, it offers rich capabilities ranging from visibility and control to logistics and order management that spans all order types and all order flows.

Just a few details

This white paper offers insight into leveraging your network to derive the greatest possible value under any circumstance, such as through a Supply Chain Orchestration platform which can automate and streamline a wide range of your business needs.