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Supply Chain Visibility

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Get actionable, end to end visibility across siloed systems and supply chain processes for strategic inventory management and smart order, logistics, and transport management.

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Why Is Supply Chain Visibility Important?

Network-wide supply chain visibility software enables strategic collaboration, agility, and support for a variety of sales, distribution, and supply channels across internal operations and partners. The MPO platform provides both global and granular views into all inventory, orders, and transportation, so you can optimize supply chains for exceptional customer service and differentiation and control costs.

supply chain visibility software

Multi Party Orchestration Platform

Visibility v2

Improve OTIF Delivery

Milestones, statuses, and alerts enable proactive, in-app corrections for consistent fulfillment

Boost customer satisfaction

End to end visibility makes it easier to expand your value offer and provide more service and delivery options

Partner strategically

Measure performance with KPI analytics across supplier, carriers, partners, and customers

Increase margins

Analyze financial performance across order flows, incorporating both internal and external costs

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Why Choose MPO for Supply Chain Visibility?

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Gain insight into the entire supply chain

Gain visibility across all inventory, all order types (Sales, Purchase, Return, etc.), and all transportation across inbound, outbound, and after sales flows

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Access real-time analytics

Continuously optimize by monitoring order volumes, revenues, and costs, and OTIF delivery

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Monitor goals and performance

Capture and monitor cost, sustainability, and partner performance metrics to continuously improve

Digital Control Tower Software Solution Guide (450 x 600 px)

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Case Story

GEODIS Saves Customer $1.5 Million a Year

Learn how LSP GEODIS leveraged MPO’s Orchestration and Supply Chain Visibility Platform to significantly enhance their customer's efficiency and enable incredible cost-savings.

Case Story

LSP Wows Global Client, Becomes End-to-End Provider

LSP enhances supply chain visibility across a global network of warehouses and carriers, and builds efficiency and cost control over remote and time-restricted shipments and expedites

Case Story

Kramp Optimizes Their Supply Chain Network

Distributor, Kramp, uses real-time visibility to better leverage their inventory and overall capacity, allowing them to make more spare parts available to their customers

Case Study

DSV Gains Better Insight and Control Over Transport

DSV organizes transport for many diverse customers with complex operations and extensive products and networks. The MPO platform enables cost control and transparency for their customers

Supply Chain Visibility FAQs

What is supply chain visibility?
Supply chain visibility software, in essence, is meant to offer insight into the state of your supply chain. However, the degree of cross-functional and ecosystem integration can vary quite a bit.

The goal with a visibility solution is to reduce blindspots, drive efficiencies in supply chain management, and enable informed and collaborative decision-making at every node of the supply chain. This requires a holistic, end-to-end visibility platform that will unify multiple disparate systems, centralize data across the multi-party network, and span all legs and modes of an order journey.
How do you improve supply chain visibility?

Improving supply chain visibility begins by first auditing your current level of visibility. Are you still using manual processes (like spreadsheets)? Does your visibility span some processes but not others? (planning vs execution, for example) or transportation, but not warehouse operations? You can also separate your digital transformation into the following journey:

  • Digitizing - Real-time analytics across multiple siloed systems, parties, and processes.
  • Intelligence - Intelligent recommendations for optimized order planning and execution, as well as inventory management. Milestone visibility and alerts to exceptions.
  • Active Visibility - Being able to act immediately and flexibly on what you see directly within the application.
  • Advanced Intelligence - Machine learning technology for risk management and resiliency.
How does improved supply chain visibility improve the planning process?
Visibility into planning typically functions as the planning system of record around requirements, replenishment, demand and order promising. It may also connect with S&OP and integrated business planning or demand sensing. In this sense, it enables teams to better maintain minimum and maximum inventory levels and forecast their ability to serve customers and be capable-to-promise.

The technology also enables collaborative, multi-party, multi-tier, supply chain planning with visibility into inventory (at rest and in motion), order planning, and execution through real-time analytics and event management. Such “actionable visibility” identifies exceptions at any stage in the supply chain for every customer order and makes intelligent recommendations for immediate, optimized, and flexible re-planning for consistent on-time, in-full deliveries.

In today’s increasingly disruptive world, supply chain visibility solutions - when part of an intelligent platform with machine learning capabilities – also offer risk management and resiliency benefits. Machine learning can draw from real-time supply chain data related to inventory, orders, transportation, network partners, and grids, as well as external factors, such as the weather forecast, traffic, and currency rates, to help teams gauge market dynamics and risk levels around order fulfillment, as well as reliably facilitate on time and in full delivery, control costs, and flag high-risk orders for close monitoring, giving sensitive orders the VIP treatment when necessary.
Why is supply chain visibility important?

As supply chains become more digital, the level of expectations on the part of both buyers and sellers of products and the logistics nodes in between all of those points have dramatically increased. These heightened expectations are happening in the wake of growing disruption, cost, shortages, and overall supply chain complexity.


Stakeholders are realizing that visibility is the critical foundation to resiliency, good customer relationships, and competitive differentiation. A high-performing and cost-effective supply chain that is agile and flexible in response to risk and disruption requires timely insight into internal and external data. That means supply chain visibility that extends beyond discrete functions and logistical concerns (i.e. the location of a shipment, exceptions alerts, compliance). Because, in addition to delivering on-time and in-full (OTIF), businesses must do so profitably. A holistic and unified view of the supply chain helps logistics teams to understand how previously isolated functions and processes affect one another. In this way, they can continuously optimize across silos and for each customer order.

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More Value Drivers to Explore

Machine learning
Machine Learning

The MPO platform offers machine learning technology to help organizations mitigate risk and build supply chain resilience

Sustainability - Value Drivers

The MPO platform offers smart order, transport, and returns management for minimal environmental impact

Agile Implementation
Agile Implementation

Fast, iterative business releases and diverse training options for a seamless upgrade and future business growth


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