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Supply Chain Sustainability Management

Reaching your sustainability goals is easier and more streamlined than ever before. Set your targets, monitor emissions, and report on your game-changing results

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               Enable a Purpose-Driven Supply Chain

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Sustainability in Operational Execution
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Greener Order Flows: Plan and execute all order flows against the lowest carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact using smart order consolidation, alongside route optimization capabilities, like dynamic carrier selection.

Product Lifecycle Control: Manage returns using smart business rules that factor in acceptable time windows, alternative carriers, and in-transit or cross-dock consolidation, as well as support repair flow management, replacement services, and controlled recycling.

Efficiency: Holistic visibility and control over all flows, including, in- transit stock and returns, helps reduce empty trucks. Track and monitor real-time analytics on CO2 emissions on all orders for continuous improvement.

Conscientious Partnering: Monitor and select partners and carriers that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use greener energy sources, and have embraced sustainable practices.

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Plan Smarter, Execute Sustainably

Meet your supply chain sustainability objectives

MPO is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre for meeting the GLEC framework standard for GHG calculation methods. MPO empowers its customers to drive efficient and sustainable global logistics operations:

  • Factor GHG into the optimal order flow routing and dynamic carrier selection
  • E-store options for customers to trade-off delivery speed, cost, and environmental impact
  • Allocate GHG to product items and shipments for each leg of the journey
  • View calculated emissions and the impact as part of a total carrier score
  • Plan and execute all order flows according to the lowest carbon footprint
  • Track real-time analytics on CO2 and other emissions on all orders
  • Determine supply chain landed costs that include sustainability
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Holistic supply chain software enables full order lifecycle supply chain management, so businesses can plan, execute, monitor, and continuously improve on all order flows - inbound, outbound, and returns - according to the lowest carbon footprint.

The pressure on brands from customers and consumers to be more mindful and transparent extends across sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics practices. The MPO Multi Party Orchestration Platform connects disparate enterprise and network systems to enable end-to-end visibility, orchestration, and optimization across orders, inventory, and transportation. Rather than accrue multiple systems, MPO offers a unifying platform to help businesses better leverage what they already have and further empower full order lifecycle supply chain management processes with these critical capabilities for visibility, order and logistics management, and returns management.

Using the Supply Chain Control Tower, businesses gain visibility into all flows and in-transit stock. Paired with smart order splitting and consolidation capabilities, supply chain managers better leverage their resources and reduce empty trucks on the road. Using digital order fulfillment capabilities, practitioners can plan and execute all order flows against the lowest carbon footprint, and multi-modal transportation management capabilities provide some industries with barging as a greener alternative. Smart returns management capabilities uncover options for environmentally friendly ways to handle returns and support repair flows, replacement services, and controlled recycling. 

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The MPO platform is about Making Perfect Orders with rich and configurable capabilities: Control Tower, Supply Chain Visibility, Digital Order Fulfillment, Logistics Order Management, Transportation Management, Returns Management, Spare Parts Management, Network Inventory Management, Supply Management. Such an "all-in-one" platform enables you to optimally orchestrate inbound, outbound, and reverse flows across multiple parties in dynamic supply chain business networks.