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Leverage a global cloud platform with embedded intelligence, machine learning, and core capabilities for end to end visibility, control, and optimized inventory, order, and transportation management to build a high resilience, response, and performance supply chain that drives consistent service levels at lower costs.

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Multi Party Orchestration Platform

Agile & Flexible Solution for Manufacturers

Manufacturing supply chain requirements seem to change almost daily, making it all the more challenging to satisfy customers and operate efficiently. Robotics, low-cost country manufacturing, emerging customer markets, new sales channels, and changes in trade agreements require manufacturers to constantly adapt their supply chains. To grow and succeed, manufacturers need agility to build anywhere and sell everywhere, with global supply chain orchestration across plants, suppliers, distribution, sales channels, and customers. The MPO Multi Party Orchestration platform allows you to enhance collaboration across partners, grow business in new markets, and source goods and production globally.

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Why the platform will work for you

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Enable assurance of supply

Lower excess inventory and increase fulfillment speed with network-wide visibility and smart, automated control

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Deliver best-in-class customer service

Streamline consistent OTIF delivery and aftermarket services, alongside visibility and control over returns that connects manufacturing, supply depots, repair, and customers

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Control costs at every touch point

Gain visibility and control over cost at every movement in the supply chain, including handling, logistics, customs, and storage

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Become resilient and sustainable

Get flexible, intelligent, and optimized inventory, order, and logistics management for agility and the ability to plan and execute flows against the lowest carbon footprint

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Solutions We Offer Our Customers

Supply Chain Visibility
Supply Chain Visibility

Timely visibility into all physical flows; granular details, like constraints and service level expectations; financial details at every touch point

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Control Tower
Control Tower

Act on what you see and steer orders from directly within the app to ensure the most optimal and cost-effective movements across the supply chain

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Order Management
Digital Order Management

Orchestrate order fulfillment across a global network. Dynamically model flows to adapt and optimize based on cost, market, or other conditions

Learn More
Transportation Management

Execute shipments smarter via a platform that integrates sourcing and multi-mode route planning to optimize against all service levels and constraints

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Returns Management

Digitize and automate to support the full order lifecycle and boost customer experience. Reduce excess inventory and lower cash conversion cycle time

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Spare Parts
Spare Parts Management

Drive customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and business growth by automating and streamlining spare parts and advanced replacement order flows

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Network Inventory Management
Network Inventory Management

Capture real-time inventory across multiple sites, generate replenishment forecasts, and refine allocation planning to better match supply with demand

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Supply Management
Supply Management

Update, validate, and confirm POs. Optimize inbound shipment orders. Collaborate better across partners to minimize stock-outs and boost agility.

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Sustainability MPO
Sustainability Management

Plan and execute all order flows against the lowest carbon footprint, including returns. Track real-time analytics on CO2 emissions on all orders.

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Case Story

Flex Uses Digital Platform to Empower Its Customers

Find out how global supply chain and manufacturing solutions provider, Flex, went from making reactionary to strategic decisions across an extensive global network and empowered their customers using the MPO global cloud platform.


How DtD Optimized Customer Service With Micro Supply Chains

"DtD," a global contract manufacturer, leveraged the MPO platform for digital order management and began serving diverse customers better through continuously optimized micro supply chains

Case Story

Kramp Optimizes Their Network, Ensuring OTIF at the Best Cost

Kramp uses real-time visibility to better leverage their inventory and overall capacity, allowing them to make more spare parts available to their customers

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the MPO platform be leveraged to combat inflation and rising costs?

The MPO platform enables manufacturers to optimize each and every incoming order based on requirements like service levels and delivery dates; teams can, for instance, combine and consolidate orders to not only save on costs but also make use of limited capacity.


As an end-to-end platform, MPO's Control Tower capabilities reveal previously hidden costs through a true cost-to-serve picture. The platform documents an order’s journey from start to finish in great detail, including every leg, mode, service order, and all tariffs, contracts, and prices encountered. For more information, read 3 Ways a Control Tower Can Help You Recover Revenues & Resilience

The supply chain cloud platform’s automated rate shopping also helps secure competitive market rates. Spanning diverse LTL, Truckload, and Parcel carriers, once orders are consolidated, teams can send it out and bid. The MPO platform enables mode shifting at every mode.

Moreover, with today’s mounting supply chain disruptions and capacity constraints, manufacturers must source inventory from multiple suppliers, sometimes even new suppliers, which introduces new lanes and new partners. Carrier rate shopping allows transportation departments to quickly connect to multiple carriers and rates via a real-time feed to secure the most cost-effective options to deliver on-time and in-full.

Can the MPO Platform help manage inbound flows?

Yes! The MPO platform enables optimized order management of all order types, including purchase orders.

With so many raw materials coming in overseas, visibility over international inbound flows is especially critical. The MPO platform integrates with all international freight forwarders and ocean and air providers, so manufacturers gain visibility over granular purchase order details (whether an order shipped in full, who it shipped with, when it shipped, etc.). All documentation is captured at every level - including customs documentations, pre-arrivals, and release.

The platform’s flexibility allows manufacturers to quickly and easily change suppliers. Supplier communication is also made easy through a single-source, single-view platform. API integrations centralize data and collaboration – no more logging in and out of multiple portals and communication channels. The platform also provides intelligent recommendations, allowing teams to always make the best decisions about purchase order flows for any given circumstance, such as when an exception arises.


Here's an example of how GEODIS used the MPO platform to connect to over 1,000 suppliers and carriers, gain real-time visibility and exceptions management, and easily access import and export trade documents for international orders. By optimizing every purchase order against service levels, inventory, transportation, and costs, GEODIS majorly improved their customer's efficiency and saved them over $1M a year.

Is it possible to set up workflow processes that would notify us about supply levels?
It’s important for manufacturers to be capable to promise. The MPO platform seamlessly integrates with any system, including ERPs, CRMs, WMSs, eCommerce systems like Shopify, and even proprietary ones. This enables global visibility into a manufacturer’s own facilities, as well as those of their suppliers and their suppliers’ suppliers. With real-time, multi-tier inventory visibility, businesses can check supply prior to accepting a purchase order (PO).

Manufacturers can also set minimum inventory levels based on anticipated order volumes and buying cycles of current clients and receive automated notifications when inventory is low. The MPO platform seamlessly connects with demand planning systems, and manufacturers can leverage built in Machine Learning capabilities to continuously improve inventory forecasting and replenishment over time.
Can a supply chain control tower help enable assurance of supply?
Global economic issues, constraints, and supply shortages have challenged lean and just-in-time (JIT) inventory strategies. But having safety stock just to meet a potential spike in customer demand or in anticipation of potential supply chain failure is costly, and VMI isn’t an optimal solution. Manufacturers can leverage the MPO Control Tower to manage better manage inventory, but there is also a great new network inventory management solution enabling businesses to achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction without having an abundance of excess inventory sitting on their balance sheet.

For more in-depth information, you can read this article where we interviewed the AFS CEO on strategic inventory management and industry-first solution, or watch this Talking Logistics on-demand video episode about enabling assurance of supply.
How can MPO’s Transportation Management Capabilities help improve profitability?
Merely automating transport planning and execution processes can drastically improve efficiencies and your ability to optimize everything from order consolidations to carrier and multi-stop, multi-leg route selections. Unlike most Transportation Management Systems (TMS), the MPO ‘TMS Plus’ enables visibility, efficiency gains, cost control, and optimization beyond just transport.

The MPO platform connects an organization’s existing infrastructure (ERPs, CRMs, WMSs, etc.) for full supply chain visibility and control across inventory, orders, and transportation. In addition to traditional functions, like automated booking, tendering, order consolidation, and track and trace, TMS+ offers advanced order management, with AI-driven planning and a full cost-to-serve picture beyond logistics. As a multi-modal solution, it allows manufacturers to always deliver the best service at the best cost - across multiple legs, multiple modes, multiple regions, and multiple parties. Learn more about the MPO Transportation Management solution.
What is the possible ROI for implementing the MPO supply chain cloud platform?

Analyst Nucleus Research has observed that companies using MPO can increase delivery speed by 10% and reduce overall supply chain costs by 5%.

For example, MPO enabled a logistics service provider to save their customer about $1.5 million a year. Through capabilities like dynamic, multi-leg carrier selection, in-transit stock visibility, order-splitting and consolidation, and dynamic invoice matching, their customer enjoyed approximately 5% cost savings across logistics, billing, and overall efficiency gains.

MPO partner Alkimius shared that, in their experience, a Control Tower and Supply Chain Visibility solution such as MPO's, saves on average 4-6% in manpower optimization, 3-7% from centralization and digitization, 5% from new transport opportunities, 3-5% in extra savings and efficiencies, and 1-3% from freight audit and payment capabilities.

While benefits will vary depending on such factors as company and supply chain size and digital maturity, broadly speaking, it's not uncommon for a mid-size company to see a 5% OTIF improvement, which could generate as much as 30 million additional revenue.

Customer Testimonial

“The (MPO Platform’s) optimization enables us to draw a relationship between customer orders, final shipments, and all service actions. Customers come to us with a lot of challenging projects that they were handling manually or using spreadsheets. The system can be configured to deal with many complex situations (e.g., enrichment to orders before they're transmitted to the carriers). It’s seamless in that it examines the order, applies all the rules, and then releases the final shipments.”

David O’Brien

Senior Director, Business Development - Flex LtD

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More Value Drivers to Explore

Machine learning
Machine Learning

The MPO platform offers machine learning technology to help organizations mitigate risk and build supply chain resilience

Sustainability - Value Drivers

The MPO platform offers smart order, transport, and returns management for minimal environmental impact

Agile Implementation
Agile Implementation

Fast, iterative business releases and diverse training options for a seamless upgrade and future business growth


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