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Approach reverse flows with the same technical proficiency, speed, and accuracy as outbound flows to maintain a high level of excellence throughout the customer journey.

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Returns Management

Reverse logistics holds incredible, untapped potential for driving customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and business growth. The MPO platform provides global, multi-modal, and omnichannel returns management across all B2B, B2C, and D2C parties.

The system is automated to streamline returns and advanced replacement order flows, optimize transportation and route selection with smart rating and labeling, send timely updates across the supply chain, and conduct cost analyses for all services. The holistic platform enables real-time visibility and unique, in-app control for outsourced depot activities, including inspection, repair, and disposal.

multi-service transport management

Manage Complex Return Order Flows

Returns v2

Lower operational costs

Automation for returns, return and ship, and advanced replacement order flows, as well as automated costing analysis, including all services in the order flow

Improve network collaboration & asset utilization

Real-time visibility and control over inventory and outsourced depot activities, including inspection, repair, and disposal

Reduce transportation costs

Optimized transportation and shipping options based on product, origin, destination, and customer requirements

Superior customer service & satisfaction

Streamlined and automated to provide the optimal reverse logistics process that consistently meets your customers' needs

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Why MPO for Returns Management?

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Real-time visibility

Gain critical visibility into the full returns process across your network of outsourced parties, including returns processing (sorting) centers, liquidation services, carriers, and warehouses

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Automation & exceptions management

Automated returns processes track dependencies between each transaction and event; timely alerts and in-app coordination between multiple parties enable quick resolutions

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End-to-end optimization

Robust API integrations with systems like ERP and WMS boost operational processing speeds and converge all flows onto a single platform, enabling greater optimization via order splitting and consolidation.

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