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Deliver Profitable & Exceptional Customer Service

Building strong customer relationships with the highest level of service, while controlling costs, has become compulsory. However, with global customers, outsourced logistics partners, as well as the continued blurring of lines between manufacturing, distribution, and retail, reverse supply chains have become much more complex. This increased complexity can stretch reverse logistics operations teams tremendously.

With MPO you can deliver exceptional customer service while controlling costs across your reverse logistics supply chain, both internally and with external partners. MPO delivers the most flexible and agile order management platform.  Coupled with fine-grained costing it provides you with measurable benefits and ROI.



  • Unparalleled customer service and satisfaction from providing the reverse logistics process that meets your customer’s needs

  • Lower operational costs though automation and multi-party collaboration

  • Better inventory and asset utilization with real-time visibility

  • Reduced transportation costs from the optimization of shipping options based on product, origin, destination, and customer requirements


  • Automation for returns, return and ship, and advanced replacement order flows

  • Streamlined routing of orders and information across reverse logistics supply chain

  • Visibility and control of outsourced depot activities including inspection, repair, and disposal

  • Optimized transportation selection with integrated rating and labeling

  • Automated costing analysis including all services in the order flow

MPO orchestrates reverse logistics orders across the widest variety of supply chains, including international, multi-leg, multi-level, and multi-party, delivering profitable and exceptional customer service.

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Reverse Logistics Solution Brief

Reverse logistics is one of the most underutilized functions of the supply chain, but it holds incredible, untapped potential for driving customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and business growth.

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