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Returns: Taming the Beast in eCommerce & Aftermarket Operations

Whether it's omni-channel returns, service parts logistics, depot repair, or product replacement and exchanges, reverse supply chains present their own unique challenges for organizations. With major digital disruptors like Amazon, the pressure to provide fast, traceable, visible and consistent experiences to your customers has increased significantly. So, how can Supply Chain Orchestration help you ensure perfect reverse order fulfillment?

Martin Verwijmeren, founder and CEO of MPO along with Supply Chain, Reverse Logistics and Aftermarket Services Consultant, Bryce Boothby, Jr. discuss Digital Control Towers and their growing role in improving reverse logistics operations.

Webinar insights include:

  • Common myths and misconceptions about Digital Control Towers
  • How Digital Control Towers have evolved over the last several years to meet the challenges of reverse order flows
  • How some forward-thinking organizations are tackling their returns flow challenges with Supply Chain Orchestration

Just a few details

Watch this insightful conversation about managing the supply chain complexity of return order flows.