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Conquer Global Omni-channel and Serve Your Connected Consumers

Simply offering an online shopping experience is not enough anymore. Consumers want an omni-channel experience whether they shop online, in the store, in their neighborhood, or halfway around the world.  This also means expanded product choices, tailored delivery options, convenient returns, and a seamless experience regardless of channel.

With MPO you get a platform that provides the control and visibility necessary for retail operations, while supporting the agility you need to meet consumer demands. 



  • Expand growth with global, omni-channel fulfillment

  • Reduce excess inventory with end-to-end supply chain visibility

  • Create agility with increased visibility and control across overseas suppliers and distribution partners

  • Increase profits by streamlining fulfillment across multiple order scenarios


  • Distributed order management capabilities with ship-from-DC, ship-from-store, and ship-from-supplier optimization

  • E-commerce fulfillment automation that optimizes profit for each order

  • Automate returns with routing to correct warehouse or supplier

  • Supplier collaboration and vendor managed inventory to strengthen supplier relationships

  • Control tower that ensures control of activities and costs across the supply chain

MPO orchestrates supply chains across the widest variety of customers, suppliers, and transportation partners, supporting international, multi-leg, multi-level, and multi-party order scenarios delivering profitable and exceptional customer service.




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Omni-Channel Fulfillment Solution Brief

Fast and consistent on-time and in-full delivery (as well as easy returns) plays a significant role in driving customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and business growth. Here's how MPO can help.

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Wehkamp Delivers Customer Delight

Wehkamp is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the Netherlands. Learn how they use MPO to provide unmatched customer delivery options, which enables them to lead and win more customers.

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