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Making Perfect Orders: Delivering on Customer Expectations in a Complex World

Competing and succeeding in the ‘Age of the Customer’ requires consistent "perfect orders." Many organizations are achieving this standard by embracing supply chain complexity in ways that drive greater velocity, shorter lead times, and specialized services - all while supporting their business growth.

In this on-demand webinar, Brian Hodgson and Chris Brablc of MPO look into the perfect order and how to consistently deliver it. They discuss how the perfect order is not just about serving the customer but using technology and other resources to do so profitably.

Webinar insights include:

  • Emerging trends and customer expectations contributing to supply chain complexity and challenges
  • How inbound, outbound, and aftermarket order flows all affect the perfect order
  • The ways in which multi-party networks impact visibility and control in the supply chain
  • How companies use supply chain orchestration to effectively provide perfect orders for every customer

Just a few details

Watch this insightful conversation about achieving consistent perfect orders in an increasingly complex playing field.