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Parcel Is a Crucial Value-Add in the Evolution of the TMS

The growing requirements and demands placed on shippers and logistics service providers have pushed Transportation Management Systems to become more agile and able to support greater service levels and cover multiple modes—especially parcel. Having spent many years in the TMS space and spoken to many executives about their perspectives, challenges, goals, and business objectives, MPO Sr. Director, BD, Christine Taylor answers:

  • Why is parcel gaining attention now?
  • Has it gotten easier to work with parcel providers—and why?
  • How is effective parcel management a critical advantage?

"When managers have to enter their parameters and rate shop for each and every carrier across dozens of websites, then handle processes like pickup, track and trace, and invoicing via carrier portals or even by phone or email, these inefficiencies rack up a lot of time and money—especially when invoices don’t match the initial quote.

That’s why parcel via TMS is becoming a real game-changer. Teams can rate shop, execute, track and trace, audit, and pay all within one platform regardless of the mode, leg, or part- ner they’re dealing with. The transportation management system will also flag unexpected charges (detention charges, inside delivery, beyond charges, sort and segregate, etc.) and create detailed line items that make it easy for finance to audit, saving valuable time and money."

Just a few details

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