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Your TMS Is Built on Outdated Frameworks — And It's Holding You Back.

Order-Centric-TMS-WP-CoverIn recent years, the supply chain industry has undergone significant changes. With the advent of e-commerce, businesses are under increasing pressure to keep pace with growing customer demands, shorter product lifecycles, and global competition. Multi-enterprise business networks have been an effective first step to meeting these challenges and leveraging the vast potential of this new landscape.

However, in many ways, the industry has also reached a plateau. While supply networks and delivery models must continuously morph and adapt to cope with market demands, most transportation management systems in use today are modeled on obsolete frameworks from the 1990s.

This white paper will discuss the challenges of the modern supply chain in greater depth, as well as what these obsolete frameworks are and how they hold businesses back from succeeding in today’s multifaceted and networked reality. It will then offer a new perspective and an effective solution for a twenty-first century TMS.


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