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How DtD Optimized Customer Service With Micro Supply Chains

Better service levels, faster delivery, more choice and less inventory – that is what a leading global contract manufacturer, called for the sake of this article ‘Design-To-Deliver’, wanted to offer its customers. Design-To-Deliver (DTD) also wanted to keep its costs down. MPO helped DTD to achieve these aims with a multi-enterprise order management platform.

DTD is a large, international company providing supply-chain and contract-manufacturing services to manufacturers. One of its customers is a leading international computer firm, called for the sake of this article ‘ICP’. After ICP’s computers have been sold to customers, spare parts are needed for maintenance purposes. In order to keep the computers up and running, it’s important that the spare parts are in the right place at the right time. DTD shoulders responsibility for that process. That entails not only the supply of new products, but also the repair or collection of defective parts. Defective parts are sometimes taken to a repair center where they can be refurbished for return to stock. Some parts are supplied from the central distribution center and others come from one of more than a hundred regional distribution centers. In other words, DTD is not only responsible for order management, but also for distribution management, inventory management, transport management, returns management, purchasing and repairs management. The process is so complex that it’s not easy to visualize it, let alone quickly calculate the costs. That’s why DTD enlisted MPO’s help.

Find out how they leveraged the MPO platform for digital order management and began serving diverse customers better through continuously optimized micro supply chains.

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