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Nucleus Research Control Tower Value Matrix

In today's disruptive climate, the need for end-to-end visibility has never been more pronounced. Supply chain leaders turn to digital Control Tower solutions to gain agility and resilience by converging elements of planning and execution, automation, and strategic analytics for better decision-making.

As you review the Matrix, keep in mind these key differentiators:

  • Control Towers must unify disparate systems (Note that this cannot be fully or optimally achieved if the solution or platform is a product of M&As. Only native designs can achieve this.)
  • End-to-end visibility should span more than transportation, converging all supply chain functions, such as inbound, outbound, and after-sales flows.
  • Control Towers must offer actionability from directly within the application – otherwise they only offer visibility and no actual control function.


With a full suite of supply chain management (SCM) solutions, MPO provides users with a platform to benefit from the convergence of planning and execution functions. Specializing in B2B and B2C order optimization, MPO serves high tech, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, wholesale distribution, logistics service, and retail industry customers on its MPO Platform. System integrations with carriers, WMS, and partner systems provides real-time visibility to orders in transit and allows users to monitor and manage orders from sourcing to last-mile delivery to invoicing.

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