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Why a Natively Unified Platform?

Cloud and SaaS technologies have made extraordinary strides toward breaking down the silos that limit effective, networked collaboration. But since most “supply chain suites” are the result of mergers and acquisitions, the impression of ‘unity’ they offer is frequently deceiving.

In contrast, a natively unified platform offers supply chain capabilities - such as order and transport management, as well as visibility and control over these functions - on a single platform. All supply chain solutions, such as order management, transport management, reverse logistics, and spare parts management, are designed from the ground up to organically communicate, share data, and converge processes for maximal speed and optimization.

As a multi-enterprise supply chain business network (MESCBN) technology, the supply chain cloud platform connects disparate systems across global networks of suppliers, warehouses, distributors, logistics service providers, etc., for end-to-end visibility and synergy across multiple parties, flows, jurisdictions, and so on. The technology allows companies to leverage the infrastructure they already have to effectively and dynamically partner within their ecosystem, and seamlessly add and onboard new parties as needed. And, having laid the fundamental groundwork for visibility and intelligence across the ecosystem, businesses gain the technical support they need to flexibly grow and innovate.

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