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Multi-Level Order Management

Multi-level order management enables businesses to manage individual orders on multiple levels by decomposing them into one or many sub-orders as necessary to optimally execute on sourcing, warehouse, shipping, and service level requirements.

If an order must be sourced and fulfilled from multiple locations, it can be split into multiple orders and shipments. If each shipment is best fulfilled by many different parties, then these can be split again, each with their own specific actions, such as warehouse dispatch and label printing. Supply chain practitioners always maintain visibility into both the bird’s eye view of the original order, as well as granular, drill-down visibility into the details of each split.

Why is this important?

Legacy Transportation Management Systems were designed to carry out large volumes of orders in bulk across relatively static networks. To enable logistics teams to better manage individual orders, incorporate rush orders into the core workflow, and integrate more dynamic networks, the MPO transportation management solution can isolate and optimize individual orders. Rather than rigidly confine orders to batches, the MPO TMS treats every order as unique and dynamically models flows according to each order’s exact specifications and requirements.

This approach creates a kind of unique, ‘micro supply chain’ for every order, allowing businesses to fully optimize each flow and individually course correct per order. As such, micro supply chains ensure that other shipments aren’t unnecessarily impacted by issues, delays, or unexpected expedites.

Just a few details

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