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Nucleus - MPO Improves Service Levels


MPO Improves Service Levels by 15%

Establishing a consistent and cost-effective logistics process during economic and geopolitical uncertainty is near impossible without the proper technology. Organizations lacking Control Tower functionality often encounter bottlenecks caused by disparate communication networks, placing organizations in a constant state of catch-up that makes it difficult
to balance supply and demand across industries. 

Addressing these concerns, MPO, is a Control Tower vendor that centralizes operational and financial data, from with an organization and partners to the nth tier, to provide a complete view of the order lifecycle to relevant parties.

Nucleus interviewed multiple MPO customers analyzed MPO deployments and found that users increased transparency, reduced operational costs, and improved employee productivity. Nucleus also interviewed MPO end-users to examine the benefits of deploying the Supply Chain Visibility and Control Tower platform.

The Nucleus Research Analyst report:

  • Puts into context critical challenges that Control Tower technology helps to overcome
  • Provides a brief overview of the MPO Supply Chain Visibility and Control Tower platform
  • Defines some of the key benefits MPO customers reported 
  • Profiles two case stories featuring a global logistics service provider and a US logistics service provider, explaining why they chose the MPO platform over other solution options, and the value and ROI they've experienced

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