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LSP Wows Global Client, Quickly Advances to Become End-to-End Provider

When a logistics service provider needed a smart and flexible platform for a new global client - an industrial manufacturer for the marine and energy sectors with complex aftermarket services - they knew they could count on MPO. The client had limited visibility into service levels and costs across a global network of warehouses and carriers, and shipments were often remote, under strict time windows and required expediting. Having used the MPO supply chain cloud platform for other clients, the logistics service provider leveraged the Control Tower Platform and Transportation Management System to enable dynamic routing, carrier selection and cost optimization through order splitting and consolidation — as well as manage complex order flows and incoming rush orders without any manual processing.

With support for real-time integration and optimization, MPO create a standardized Control Tower & TMS solution for the global LSP across multiple different ERPs and WMSs in about half a year. They were able to realize immediate value and see it grow year upon year. Get the brief guide to how MPO’s Digital Control Tower with Supply Chain Visibility and Transportation Management System enhanced visibility across a global network of warehouses and carriers, and boosted efficiency and cost control over remote and time-restricted shipments and expedites. The one-page overview includes results and value calculation year over year.

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