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With the 'Amazon Effect', the strategic trade-off between customer intimacy and operational excellence is no longer relevant.The organizations that can consistently master perfect orders will ultimately differentiate themselves from the competition.

While meeting and exceeding customer demands has its challenges, some organizations are successfully embracing the complexity in their supply chain and delivering with increased velocity, shorter lead times, specialized services, all while supporting their business growth.

In this on-demand webinar you'll hear from Supply Chain Media's Editor in Chief, Martijn Lofvers along with Brian Hodgson and Chris Brablc of MP Objects as they mindmap Supply Chain Orchestration. 

In this recording you’ll also learn: 

  • The emerging trends and customer expectations that are making the job of the supply chain more difficult 

  • How inbound, outbound and aftermarket order flows all affect the perfect order 

  • The impacts that multi-party and multi-enterprise supply chains have on visibility and control in the supply chain 

  • How companies are using Supply Chain Orchestration to more effectively provide the perfect order for every customer

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