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MtC Optimzing Logistics Cover

Squeezed between the need to improve service levels while also reducing costs, logistics managers across all industries have a lot on their plates right now.

Managers are realizing that a modern, Order-Centric TMS is essential, and can fulfill the needs of both shippers and logistics providers with a unified, cloud-based platform to manage their end to-end supply chain networks and processes.

This Making the Case guide explores the advantages an order-centric TMS system can offer over a traditional TMS system for optimizing logistics by driving higher, faster service levels, better differentiation of service, and lowest total costs.


"Order-Centric TMS enhances the transportation manager’s capabilities and supports good decision-making. Transportation managers can just do their jobs without having to ‘touch’ every single shipment that’s coming through the system." —Christine Taylor, Director of Business Development, MPO

To learn more about how this and other capabilities can better serve your business, request a demo today!

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