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An Agile Supply Chain

for your Customers

With intelligent order and logistics management, customers get a fast and frictionless supply chain, as you optimize, save costs, and grow.

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A Customer-Centric Approach for LSPs

To win new customers and expand services, Logistics Service Providers (3PLs & 4PLs) need to be extremely agile and able to react and deliver in weeks or months rather than years. The MPO Multi-Party Orchestration platform offers flexible and intelligent order, logistics, and transportation management with cost control at every touch point, so LSPs can reduce risk, boost profits, and grow globally.

Customer Testimonials

“It was critical for us to be able to optimize the supply chain very quickly after implementation. Information had been sitting in isolated sectors of the supply chain; MPO allowed us to aggregate that data in a meaningful way on a single-view platform. We were able to interpret instructions and give feedback across several service providers and have that be visible on what we call an ‘order lifecycle view’ – at a transactional level as well as at a group level. Leveraging Intelligence empowered us to make informed decisions that helped stabilize and mature our value offering and get to the point where we enabled our customer’s growth.”

Brett Sauerman

General Manager - Freight Management Solutions for DSV South Africa

"We are a 4pl global logistics provider with operations around the world. We partnered with MPO to empower our operations through effective decision-making, adaptability, and real time transparency. MPO’s Multi Party Orchestration platform is ideal in helping us increase our chain control reliability and agile decision-making for our clients. The platform will also enable us to improve the strategic use of our operational teams, allocating more time to operation instead of customer reaction support.”

Armando Robles

Global VP - One4pl

“We always look for solutions that save costs and add value, such as consolidating orders for one particular customer, consolidating orders across several customers, or redesigning a customer’s supply chain. The results speak for themselves. We now have more control over our transport activities, while our customers have better insight into both their transport costs and their day-to-day performance. Thanks to MPO, we can continually compare carriers’ performance against their service level agreements. We also have much better insight into the cost and profit of our transport activities. our logistics has become measurable and transparent at customer level.”

Meinderdjan Botman

CCO - DSV Solutions


Why the platform will work for you

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Connect Fragmented Systems

Integrate fragmented IT landscapes with a unifying cloud platform that connects to and complements disparate systems with E2E visibility and in-app control.

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Create a Reliable and Dynamic Environment

The solution’s flexibility allows you to set unique rules for each customer and always choose the optimal carriers based on each order’s specifications.

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Optimize every individual customer order

As an order-centric (rather than batch processing) platform, LSPs can leverage opportunities to optimize via pre-booking, order consolidation, and decomposition, and isolate and optimize expedites.

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Support Future Customers and Service Portfolio Expansion

As an E2E solution, the platform is scalable to accommodate different flow types, fast and seamless onboarding, and easy integration for a wide range of systems and markets.

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Solutions We Offer Our Customers

Supply Chain Visibility
Supply Chain Visibility

Timely visibility into all physical flows; granular details, like constraints and service level expectations; financial details at every touch point

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Control Tower
Control Tower

Act on what you see and steer orders from directly within the app to ensure the most optimal and cost-effective movements across the supply chain

Learn More
Order Management
Digital Order Management

Orchestrate order fulfillment across a global network. Dynamically model flows to adapt and optimize based on cost, market, or other conditions

Learn More
Transportation Management

Execute shipments smarter via a platform that integrates sourcing and multi-mode route planning to optimize against all service levels and constraints

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Returns Management

Digitize and automate to support the full order lifecycle and boost customer experience. Reduce excess inventory and lower cash conversion cycle time

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Spare Parts
Spare Parts Management

Drive customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and business growth by automating and streamlining spare parts and advanced replacement order flows

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Network Inventory Management
Network Inventory Management

Capture real-time inventory across multiple sites, generate replenishment forecasts, and refine allocation planning to better match supply with demand

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Supply Management
Supply Management

Update, validate, and confirm POs. Optimize inbound shipment orders. Collaborate better across partners to minimize stock-outs and boost agility.

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Sustainability MPO
Sustainability Management

Plan and execute all order flows against the lowest carbon footprint, including returns. Track real-time analytics on CO2 emissions on all orders.

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Intelligent Order & Logistics Management

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Connect disparate systems to manage the entire ecosystem on a single, unified cloud platform for better speed and accuracy.

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Gain Visibility

Full visibility into inventory and operational and financial flows for timely exceptions management and cost control.

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Provide Value

Logistics and transportation management with advanced, multi-modal and reverse management capabilities to support the full order lifecycle.

beyond the basics

More Value Drivers to Explore

Machine learning
Machine Learning

The MPO platform offers machine learning technology to help organizations mitigate risk and build supply chain resilience

Sustainability - Value Drivers

The MPO platform offers smart order, transport, and returns management for minimal environmental impact

Agile Implementation
Agile Implementation

Fast, iterative business releases and diverse training options for a seamless upgrade and future business growth