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Logistics Management Q&A

Resiliency has been a priority for executives who have come to realize the supply chain as a value driver for business success and customer loyalty. But driving a profitable, high-performance supply chain today is a vastly different and more complicated endeavor than it was generations ago. Working with global ecosystems of suppliers, partners, carriers, and customers across multiple sales channels in a volatile market has exposed businesses' many blind spots. The impacts of disruption can be quite significant without the tools in place to adapt fast to change, stay agile by collaborating and coordinating with partners across the network, and even spotting potential risks ahead of time.

A common technology for global supply chain management has been the Transportation Management System. The TMS has traditionally served logistics teams in the past. But is transportation management software capable of supporting today’s unique challenges?

In this Logistics Management thought leader Q&A, MPO Account Executive, Will Chang, answers the following:

  • What are some of the key trends taking shape right now in the logistics management environment?
  • What are the key challenges shippers are facing in today’s fast-changing environment?
  • How does a TMS help companies keep pace in light of these challenges?
  • How can MPO help shippers tackle some of these current logistics challenges?

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Download the article to learn how supply chain leaders are managing today's logistics challenges.