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case story

Kramp: Building a Modern Supply Chain Network

Founded in 1951 and operating in over 22 countries across Europe, Kramp delivers critical agricultural spare parts through local dealer networks. They offer high levels of customer service by embracing innovative offerings such as in-night delivery and e-commerce fulfillment, all while maintaining a growing global presence through distribution center expansion and key acquisitions.

Kramp had created a separate supply chain for each region it served with a local, close by distribution center serving each country. While strategically placed, this presented challenges with stock availability at each distribution center and in dynamically organizing and fulfilling across their multiple distribution centers. Transportation execution was also a challenge, as it was typically manual leading to varying quality and inefficient use of their internal fleet and carriers based on capacity, agreed to contracts, and service levels. Furthermore, visibility from the carriers was fragmented, resulting in additional customer inquiries and increased costs in customer support. With significant growth both organically and through strategic acquisitions, Kramp needed a platform that could grow with their organization and connect and extend the fragmented IT infrastructure that typically exists with mergers and acquisitions.

In this case study, learn how Kramp used the MPO platform to achieve real-time supply chain visibility and optimized order orchestration, enabling them to better leverage their inventory and overall capacity and make spare parts more available to their customers.

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