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Key Differentiators of the CT for Orchestration


Key Differentiators: The Control Tower for Supply Chain Orchestration

While there are many Supply Chain Control Tower options on the market, they don’t all offer the same capabilities. In today’s increasingly demanding, disruptive, and evolving climate, businesses require a supply chain platform that will enable systems unification, network-wide collaboration, and process convergence.

Brands that master efficiency and the art of collaboration are simply better positioned to take risks, to experiment and push the envelope of customer delight and customized product and service offerings. Rigid frameworks are holding businesses back from innovating, and preventing cost leaks and performance issues. Once businesses can build and maintain lucrative partnerships, engage in dynamic supply chain modeling, and excel at standard fulfillment models, they are better able to mature and scale.

While modern Control Towers are designed to improve efficiency and build greater resilience to disruption, they tend to address the issue on a narrow scale. The Control Tower for Orchestration is natively designed to not only overcome the challenges of the modern supply chain, but to revolutionize – wholesale – the way companies leverage their partnerships and work to become leaders and innovators in their industries.

This white paper will outline the Control Tower for Orchestration’s key differentiators and explain how its unique capabilities help industry leaders dynamically and intelligently partner with their network to stay resilient, adaptive, and better mitigate risk and impact.

Just a few details

This whitepaper offers insight into what makes a holistic platform unique, and how expanding visibility and control to span order and logistics management across all order types and all order flows provides extraordinary business value.