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Supply Chain Planning: The "Triple I" Standard

Managing the supply chain involves multiple processes, systems, and parties. To truly optimize operations and consistently deliver on-time and in-full to your customers at the lowest possible cost, these elements must be integrated, able to communicate information instantly, and apply intelligent business rules to the data to make the best decisions. The "Triple I Standard" of supply chain planning is a new and innovative approach that empowers users to continuously re-plan and optimize their supply chain for every order to enable a consistent customer experience while maximizing profitability.

Control tower systems and technology make it possible to centralize data and share information across multiple enterprises. Automation, smart business rules, and machine learning capabilities take this a step further by converting raw data (such as information about inventory, network partners, and grids, in addition to external factors, such as currency rates, tariffs, traffic, and weather conditions) into actionable insights that minimize risk.

The “Triple I” standard reflects a new supply chain planning model that’s more integrative and agile than the traditional or legacy approach which is silo-based or isolated. This multifaceted and integrated approach makes an increasingly complex global supply chain easier to navigate–even amid service disruptions and volatility. For more on the topic, read Why Practitioners Should Embrace Supply Chain Complexity When Planning.

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