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Supply Chain Orchestration for Multi-Party Collaboration

The value chain makes up about 80% of external network activities for many companies, yet most don't have the supply chain technology they need to optimize their business partnering. MPO's Supply Chain Orchestration platform is a multi-enterprise business network technology that provides systems unification, network-wide collaboration, intelligent insights, and automated process convergence - all at a fast time-to-value. In other words, the technology helps you connect to and collaborate with your network better, faster, and smarter.

 Chief supply chain offers (CSCOs) are prioritizing integration across core supply chain processes and the extended value chain. Executives are recognizing the value of shifting from a portfolio-based environment to a natively-unified, single supply chain platform.

Many businesses today rely on multiple separate entities, including, for example, material suppliers, contract manufacturers, VMI specialists, logistics service providers (LSP, 3PL, 4PL), warehouses, reverse logistics specialists, and carriers. This complex network of partners each have their own individual data infrastructure spread across multiple ERPs and warehouse management systems (WMS), among others. When all these partners deploy separate business applications, information is isolated, and there are fewer opportunities to collaborate on objectives, improve operations, and track granular costs. Fragmented systems landscapes also create integration errors and data redundancies that compromises the integrity and quality of the data that’s used for strategic decision-making.

A unifying Multi Party Orchestration platform removes segmentation and streamlines processes across organizations on one single platform. By centralizing data and eliminating silos, the complex, multi-tiered process becomes easier to monitor and control. The platform can accept orders from multiple ERPs, offer actionable visibility across inventory, orders, and transport, and lay the foundation for intelligence and optimization across inbound, outbound, and reverse flows.

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