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Start Creating a More Sustainable Supply Chain!

Green and sustainable practices have become priorities for many brands, service providers, and their customers. Not only are these initiatives good for the environment, but greater supply chain visibility, efficiency, and returns management improve operations and offer a unique opportunity for increased value and differentiation to customers. The MPO Multi Party Orchestration platform is easy to implement and helps regional and global brands, shippers, and logistics service providers make better use of their resources to reach their sustainability goals and continuously improve.

In response to a growing demand for “green” initiatives, the platform incorporates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculation and monitoring into supply chain planning. For example, users may input parameters about an order, then optimize the product flow based on EN 16258 standards and the GLEC framework. As such, logistics teams can plan and execute all order flows against the lowest carbon footprint, as well as take various steps to minimize impact and monitor progress to continuously improve and meet sustainability goals. One of these measures is evaluating partners to ensure you select only those that align with your goals. Supply chain partners can be scored by GHG emissions, fuel efficiency, and other non-monetary weighted values during the selection process.

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Sustainability via MPO Infographic

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