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Multi-Tier Inventory Management

In today’s highly complex supply chains, cost-effective fulfillment begins with intelligent inventory management. How seamlessly can your brand:

  • Match supply against multi-channel orders?
  • Accurately forecast stock?
  • Optimally allocate inventory to B2B, B2C, and DTC orders?

With increasing customer demands and shrinking cycle times, companies are re-evaluating their inventory strategy and moving from a static model to more dynamic fulfillment. The move to bring inventory closer to customers could in principle increase inventory through the inflated the number of locations. However, a supply chain cloud platform enables businesses to couple alternative supplier and partner locations with real-time source selection, to reduce overall inventory.

Another common issue is supplier collaboration and supply chain visibility. Many shippers have limited visibility into their procure-to-pay process, with limited to no information on the status of an order until the product ships. A supply chain cloud platform improves visibility and supplier management through various capabilities, such as:

  • Sharing forecasts across multiple supplier tiers to help planning
  • Providing advanced views and updates to inventory across multiple tiers, enabling more pull or vendor managed inventory models.
  • Ensuring suppliers provide line item details through advanced shipment notices and avoiding short or unexpected split shipments.
  • Using granular views of inbound shipments and expected arrival dates to eliminate duplicate orders and inventory build-up, and sharing this extended visibility across your inventory and operational teams.

The MPO Multi Party Orchestration platform converges planning and execution to help businesses intelligently allocate inventory to orders, better match demand, enable precision and velocity, and fulfill orders on-time and in-full.

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