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How to Master Last Mile Logistics

Last mile logistics represents the final step in the supply chain – but it is one of the most significant. Your customer doesn’t care how well-executed the rest of the flow is. Their lasting impression comes from how conveniently and reliably they get their products. Moreover, customers increasingly prefer customization efforts, especially those - like expedited, pickup, and other delivery options - that offer an added layer of convenience. The brands to beat are those that stick the landing. Here’s how businesses leverage logistics control towers, dynamic modeling, and a rules-based execution engine to achieve superior customer service while saving on last mile delivery costs.

It wasn’t until very recently that parcel (small pack) became integrated into select transportation management systems. In the 2000s, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) focused on over-the-road (OTR) with less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (TL) as the primary modes of transport, excluding ocean, air, rail, and intermodal options. If a client wanted to integrate other modes of transportation, such as parcel, it would require a separate module, making the project time-consuming and expensive. Today’s transportation management software uses advancements in webservice API’s that enable companies to optimize and automate parcel management. Next generation transportation and logistics management solutions address these concerns through accurate and instantaneous rate quotes with multiple delivery options, integrated label printing, tracking, and invoicing – all with the goal of serving customers better.

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