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Control Tower Buyer’s Guide

Not all Control Towers are created equal. When exploring supply chain solutions, you’ll quickly find that capabilities vary widely, and even software providers who use the same terms can mean vastly different things. Considering the complexity of the modern, global, and networked supply chain, as well as growing customer and consumer demands, it’s crucial for companies to secure a robust and long-lasting solution that will actually improve collaboration and streamline the fulfillment process. To select a solution that will both solve immediate supply chain management pain points and ensure long-term success, businesses will need to prioritize their needs and ask the right questions.

Software providers often latch the term onto different capabilities, depending on what sector or area of the supply chain they’re intending to address. Moreover, most digital control tower solutions simply provide visibility and leave much to be desired about control, or actionability. They show users what’s going on (often in a limited scope of the supply chain) and if any corrective actions need to be taken, users tend to have to log in elsewhere to execute them. This also means that your corrective actions are only as good, timely, informed, and comprehensive as the system through which you’re mediating.

With all the technology being promoted, it’s incredibly challenging for companies to effectively weed through the noise and find a robust solution that will actually help with its full range of needs. Use this infographic to ensure the supply chain control tower you choose will be the best possible fit.

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