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5 Benefits of Integrated Parcel Management

Logistics and supply chain technologies have come a long way to enable order optimization across planning and execution - from receipt of the order through to last mile delivery. Holistic and multi-modal Transportation Management Systems (TMS) today offer integrated parcel (small pack) management, saving businesses on time, costs and a range of efficiencies. No separate module is needed, making this last-mile logistics value-add fast and highly cost-efficient to implement.

There are several benefits to having integrated parcel management on a transportation management platform. For example, users can manage changes to the carrier or service level digitally, reducing the risk of delays or overcharges. Customer service teams can provide an accurate freight quote to their customers, promoting loyalty through a reliable and consistent experience. Leveraging advancements in webservice API’s, multi-modal transportation management software enables teams to optimize and automate parcel management and access accurate and instantaneous rate quotes with multiple delivery options, integrated label printing, tracking, and invoicing.

For more on the topic, check out the article Parcel Is a Crucial Value-Add in the Evolution of the TMS which further explains how today's transportation management systems make it easier to collaborate with parcel providers, and why this is a critical advantage to many businesses.

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