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Build Anywhere, Sell Everywhere

Manufacturing supply chain requirements seem to change almost daily, making it all the more challenging to delight customers and operate efficiently. Robotics, low-cost country manufacturing, emerging customer markets, new sales channels, and changes in trade agreements require manufacturers to constantly be adapting their supply chains. To grow and succeed, manufacturers need the agility to build anywhere and sell everywhere, with global supply chain orchestration across plants, suppliers, distribution, sales channels, and customers.

With MPO you get a platform that allows you to expand collaboration across partners, helping to grow business in new markets, while sourcing goods and manufacturing anywhere. 



  • Increase profits with flexible and advanced order fulfillment

  • Grow revenue with new B2B and B2C e-commerce sales channels

  • Lower supply chain inventory for finished goods and supplier components

  • Deliver best-in-class customer service with streamlined delivery and after-market services

  • Increase supply chain velocity with multi-party control and visibility


  • Distributed order management capabilities across plants, distribution, and supply chain partners

  • E-commerce fulfillment automation, optimizing profit for each order

  • Supplier collaboration and vendor managed inventory to strengthen supplier relationships

  • Spare parts management automation

  • Reverse logistics control and visibility, connecting manufacturing, supply depots, repair, and customers

MPO orchestrates manufacturing supply chains across the widest variety of customers, suppliers, and transportation partners, supporting international, multi-leg, multi-level, and multi-party order scenarios that deliver profitable and exceptional customer service.


Aftermarket Services Solution Brief

Aftermarket services and spare parts management are some of the most underutilized functions, though they hold incredible, untapped potential for driving customer loyalty and business growth.

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Kramp Grows with MPO

Kramp's European expansion builds on providing exceptional customer delivery options. MPO provides the Supply Chain Orchestration solution that supports their success.

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