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Maslows Hierarchy of Supply Chain Needs


Maslow's Hierarchy of Supply Chain Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a psychological theory that maps the stages of human growth, from the physiological need for food, shelter, and safety to the heart's desire for love, belonging, and esteem. Once fortified by these gains, our path culminates in the lifelong quest toward self-actualization.

A similar journey can be applied to the supply chain industry and the market leaders who drive it. There's no direct path to the top without first finding your footing in each step of the hierarchy, meeting each level of 'need' to advance. Companies do best when they mirror the supply chain's own evolution, building a solid objective and digital foundation from which to steer, grow, and realize their brand's full potential.

This eBook explores how businesses can successfully embrace the notion of 'disruption' by realizing that today's technology is more powerful, accessible, and able to propel you upward quicker and more effectively than ever before. However, supply chain digital transformations must be approached mindfully, strategically, and in alignment with the industry's ultimate trajectory to truly realize its full potential. We talk about the value of adopting a new mindset, and how to rethink digital strategies and supply chain technology in the context of modern challenges, needs, and competitive aspirations.

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