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Dynamic Supply Chain for Your Dynamic Markets

High Tech organizations are under more pressure than ever due to shrinking product lifecycles, an increasing pace of innovation, and constant competition. Globalization is both an opportunity and a threat. The leading high tech innovators know that they need to create a dynamic supply chain that supports their growth and customer needs.

With MPO you get a dynamic supply chain platform that controls costs across your operations, both internally and with external partners. MPO delivers the most flexible and agile order management. Coupled with fine-grained costing, it provides high tech enterprises with exceptional solutions.



  • Agile fulfillment networks to deliver on dynamic customer expectations

  • Reduced inventory and product obsolescence

  • Control of critical components and supply

  • Customer growth without additional logistics costs

  • Visibility and control across suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics, and customers


  • Distributed order management capabilities across internal and external supply chain partners

  • E-commerce fulfillment automation, optimizing profit for each order

  • Supplier collaboration and vendor managed inventory to strengthen supplier relationships

  • Reverse logistics and spare parts management automation


MPO orchestrates high tech supply chains across the widest variety of partners, supporting international, multi-leg, multi-level, and multi-party order scenarios, delivering profitable and exceptional customer service.

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A New Approach: Supply Chain Orchestration

Supply Chain Management is quickly becoming an important frontier in demand generation. Organizations that are able to effectively manage these shifts in movement stand to gain a significant competitive advantage.


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