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Real-time Global Collaboration Across Customers, Carriers, Suppliers

Freight forwarders are the masters of international trade. Serving customers across trade lanes, modes, industries, and ensuring accurate and timely documentation is critical to success. Margin is critical on every shipment and can too easily be eroded with mistakes from manual efforts or dated information. Providing seamless information across the supply chain with automated shipment scenarios is critical to growth.

With MPO you get a platform that allows you to expand collaboration across partners, growing business with new trade lanes and modes.  MPO delivers the most flexible and agile order management. Coupled with fine-grained costing, it provides freight forwarders with unmatched solutions.



  • Increase profit with real-time visibility and control over status and trade documents

  • Expand revenues by adding new trade lanes

  • Ensure shipments are delivered on time with multi-party orchestration and alerts

  • Deliver tailored customer services while maintaining operational excellence

  • Reduce third party cost leakage with more granular and accurate costing


  • Control tower capabilities ensure all parties have accurate and real-time information

  • Distributed order collaboration that optimizes profit for each order

  • Supplier collaboration capabilities that streamline planning such as break bulk, consolidation, merge in transit

  • Supply chain visibility that provides alerts and notifications, enabling issues to be resolved before they impact customers


MPO orchestrates freight forwarder supply chains across the widest variety of customers, suppliers, and transportation partners, supporting international, multi-leg, multi-level, and multi-party order scenarios that deliver profitable and exceptional customer service.

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