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Have you felt it? There’s been a seismic shift in power within our economy. Customers are in control and supply chains need to be as agile as the customer wants and needs.This is forcing shippers and logistic service providers to rethink how they serve their B2B & B2C customers. And in an era of faster cycle and shipping times, international expansion and multiple suppliers, that means increased (and sometimes insurmountable) complexity in the supply chain.

In this on-demand webinar you'll hear from MPO Director of Product Marketing, Chris Brablc, and EVP, Brian Hodgson, as they discuss how successful businesses are embracing the disruption in their supply chains to drive increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Register and you'll also learn:


  • The five business trends driving innovation in today's supply chains
  • How some supply chain innovators are successfully embracing increased complexity
  • How Supply Chain Orchestration can help you embrace complexity
  • About Dynamic Sourcing, Full Inventory Visibility, and other core elements and how they apply to the modern supply chain

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