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5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Supply Chain Software Implementation

In a Digital transformation, new technology is just a tool to get at the heart of what’s really driving the initiative: a desire to change and optimize processes. While a tool can have powerful capabilities, its strength and success will inevitably depend on the people implementing and executing it.

There are many real-world instances of excellent supply chain software that failed to implement. That’s because software alone is not enough; the team you work with is integral to digital transformation success. The most common challenges businesses face in driving a seamless and successful upgrade are often not about the supply chain technology, but the team that is implementing and using the new system. The approach that is taken, the team that is built to undertake the project, and the level of communication and feedback applied, will play a significant role in how successful an initiative will be. Of course this must all be paired with critical software features that enable a fast and effective implementation.

This whitepaper explores:

  • Why even excellent supply chain software can fail to implement
  • Why building the right team is integral to digital transformation success
  • How to overcome the most common challenges in driving a seamless and successful upgrade

Just a few details

This whitepaper identifies why businesses must go beyond software and consider the human element of digital transformations.