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Efficiencies & Revenues Skyrocket for Distributor With Digital Order and Logistics Management

Managing a highly complex supply chain network is no easy feat. When one of Europe’s largest distributors of agricultural spare parts decided to transition to a digital supply chain, they enlisted MPO to the task. At the time, the company ran 11 distribution centers (DCs) serving more than 40,000 customers in multiple countries, where quick and reliable deliveries were critical.

While experiencing high growth levels, with increasing order volumes and more than 150,000 order lines per day, the distributor was also integrating a new acquisition into their core business. They needed a smarter and more efficient way to gain order visibility, manage data exchanges between their 40-carrier network, control costs, and fulfill their mounting orders at high speed and with pinpoint accuracy.

Using the MPO cloud platform for order and logistics management, the distributor gained full visibility of boxed items, pallet items, and orders in transit, allowing them to keep up with customer demands and even provide higher levels of customer service. Through the solution, the distributor was also able to process and match carrier invoices to the precalculated agreements, which further helped to keep costs down and grow revenue.

Download the article for the full story on how MPO’s Transportation Management System was leveraged for order and logistics management to streamline fulfillment, obtain full order visibility, and reduce shipping costs for customers.

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