Embrace E-Commerce, Disrupt Your Competitors

E-commerce is the fastest growing sales channel and it's a critical strategy for any enterprise seeking growth. Regardless of your role in the supply chain: manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or logistics provider, e-commerce has an impact. And e-commerce orders are just the start. To be effective in conjunction with traditional channels, supply chain teams must deal with varying order profiles, higher volumes, smaller order sizes, new picking requirements, new carriers, and heightened customer expectations.

With MPO, you get a software platform that seamlessly integrates e-commerce fulfillment into your supply chain operations, complementing your other order flows. MPO delivers flexible, agile order management, coupled with fine-grained costing that provides you with measurable benefits and ROI.



  • Increase customer orders profitably with multiple delivery options including same day delivery, white glove services, or low cost options

  • Speed fulfillment time though automation and multi-party collaboration

  • Gain flexibility with logistics partners and supplier shipments without losing visibility and control

  • Cut operations costs and errors with automated steps and alerts to highlight and avoid issues

  • Deliver exceptional customer service with automated returns


  • Streamlined routing of orders and leveraging of optimal logistics partners and carriers

  • Automation for returns, return and replace, or route to supplier

  • Visibility and control of outsourced logistics

  • Optimized transportation selection with integrated rating and labeling



MPO orchestrates e-commerce orders across the widest variety of industries, including international, multi-leg, multi-level, and multi-party, delivering profitable and exceptional customer service.


Wehkamp Delivers Customer Delight

Wehkamp is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the Netherlands. Learn how they use MPO to provide unmatched customer delivery options, which enables them to lead and win more customers.

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