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Optimize Your Customer Orders For Agile Global Operations

The trends of globalization can ebb and flow, whether cost-driven, market-driven, or politics-driven. Regardless of whether you are near-shoring or penetrating new geographies, it is critical that you leverage all global operations and partners to deliver your products where and when your customers need them. Global supply chains need to have the agility to adjust to these changes to compete. Changes in your network cannot take years, they need to be implemented in months.

With MPO you get a flexible and agile platform that orchestrates inbound and outbound customer order management across global locations, suppliers, and outsourced partners, as well as seamless connection to a vast carrier network, providing visibility and collaboration across all transport modes (ocean, air, truck, rail, and parcel). 



  • Streamline operations with optimized order orchestration that factors available inventory as well as constraints including transportation costs and service levels

  • Lower inventory with visibility and order allocation across locations including internal and external stocking locations

  • Gain flexibility over your shipments with access to real-time visibility across all modes and geographies via the world's largest network of carriers, freight forwarders, and logistics services providers


  • Optimize all order flows via order splitting, routing, sourcing, and consolidation

  • Visibility and control of outsourced logistics

  • Precise execution with configuration steps to ensure your strategy is executed flawlessly

  • Real-time global visibility into inventory, including in-transit and all network locations

  • Invoice matching to ensure transportation and outsourced services are charged accurately based on contracts

MPO orchestrates customer orders across the widest variety of industries, including international, multi-leg, multi-level and multi-party, delivering profitable and exceptional customer service.

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Omni-Channel Fulfillment Solution Brief

Fast and consistent on-time and in-full delivery (as well as easy returns) plays a significant role in driving customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and business growth. Here's how MPO can help.

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