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Reuters Digital Order Fulfillment


Digital Order Fulfillment: Fast, Visible and Cost-Efficient Delivery

Manufacturers are currently under-prepared to deal with the accelerated changes brought by omni-channel retail. Retailers expect full visibility over cost, time, and operational factors, but delivering such transparency requires a more developed digital foundation across the ecosystem.

This on-demand webinar explores the leading strategies of European manufacturers alongside their 3PL counterparts, in the journey towards a seamless customer experience.

Critical Talking Points Cover:

  • The rising challenge of multi/omni-channel order fulfillment, in particular for brand owners entering the D2C market
  • The shift from slow, costly, error prone manual steps to automated process.
  • Progress from limited order flow visibility due to siloed and partial information to full, end-to-end actionable visibility
  • Streamlining and improving the effectiveness of dynamic networking and collaboration with order flows.

Just a few details

Watch this insightful conversation about creating fast, visible and cost-efficient delivery.