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Must-Have Control Tower Capabilities

If you manage a complex, global supply chain with a high dependency, extensive network, and increasing customer service demands, you need a next generation supply chain Control Tower.

Global supply chains require multi-modal support and business networks need end-to-end visibility beyond just transportation. To make the best use of your resources, you need smart and automated planning and execution functionality that converges both order and logistics management. Complex networks and supply chains — while offering incredible opportunities — are also more prone to cost leaks and inefficiencies. Your digital Control Tower must also capture hidden costs and automate invoice processing.

Early control tower solutions were essentially visibility dashboards that provided insight and analytics tracking and most operations still had to be executed manually. If business partners, such as suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers, used different ERP programs, viewing and changing an order might require logging into separate systems or contacting a representative directly over phone or email. Such manual processes are time-consuming, disjointed, and don’t typically lead to immediate resolutions. The next generation of supply chain control towers significantly improve supply chain management by enabling swift resolutions through in-app functionality. Today, users can execute changes within the supply chain management software, thereby reducing how much time is needed to monitor and modify orders as needed.

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