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Real-Time Data & In-App Control to Optimize Logistics Decisions

Supply chain visibility and control is increasingly critical to establish and sustain a competitive advantage. However, modern complexities, like new sales models and distribution channels, an expanding array of logistics partners, and increasingly fragmented systems, make it ever more challenging to achieve that aim.

MPO's software platform orchestrates and streamlines orders across global locations and multi-enterprise business networks, with systems integration, as well as a seamless connection to a vast carrier network, providing visibility and collaboration across all transport modes (ocean, air, truck, rail, and parcel).  MPO’s supply chain Control Tower enables businesses to view and act on events from within a single platform, empowering them to effectively meet modern logistical demands and realize measurable benefits and ROI.



  • Improve operational performance via continuous flow optimization across the supply chain

  • Create best-in-class customer service with on-time deliveries, at the lowest feasible cost

  • Reduce excess inventory across your supply chain networks via dynamic sourcing

  • Minimize expediting fees, detention penalties, and demurrage fees with visibility and alerts to critical milestones

  • Gain better control over your outsourced partners and improve collaboration

  • Accelerate the ROI of your platform investment with access to real-time visibility across all modes and geographies via the world's largest network of carriers, freight forwarders, and logistics services providers.


  • Optimized purchase order management, including sourcing, order splitting, consolidation, and routing

  • Advanced shipment notifications to gain visibility into, and streamline, receiving operations, inspection, and quality assurance

  • Identify unforeseen constraints as they occur and provide timely warnings to effectively communicate and resolve problems

  • Automated flows, prerequisite steps, and document integration


MP Objects helps some of the world’s largest shippers and logistics service providers embrace the increasing complexity of their global supply chains and achieve real, sustainable results that drive business-critical performance, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce inventory and transportation costs. 

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Supply Chain Control Tower Buyers' Check List

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