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DSV Gains Better Insight Into and Control Over Transport

DSV Solutions organizes the transport for countless customers across a wide variety of sectors every day – a complex operation given those clients’ diverse product ranges and extensive networks. The MPO cloud platform for transportation management enables DSV Solutions to keep control of the operation, resulting in optimal transparency for its customers.

In addition to warehousing and value added logistics, DSV Solutions also handles transport activities for its clients, but this logistics service provider goes beyond merely transporting the goods. DSV is always on the lookout for solutions that save costs and add value, such as consolidating orders for a customer, consolidating orders across several customers, or redesigning a customer’s supply chain. DSV also operates in the five sectors – hi-tech, healthcare, automotive, industrial, and consumer products – so transport often means more than shipping a pallet from A to B. The process may also involve on site installation and other special requests and services.

In this case story, learn how DSV used the MPO supply chain Control Tower and Transportation Management System to manage the transport activities of 40 of its customers, control costs through invoice matching, and consistently deliver on time and in full with greater visibility and immediate issue resolution.

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